How to use a Onesie Bummsie

How to use a Onesie Bummsie:

Step 1: Select a onesie (some people call them a bodysuit)

Step 2: Take a Onesie Bummsie extender in either Short or Medium

Step 3: Snap the onesie extender to the domes

It’s that simple!

Handy Trick: Leave the onesie extenders attached to the onesies when removing so they are already there for next time.

Proudly made in New Zealand the onesie extender adds length where you need it. Baby’s outfits will be easy to do up and they’ll get more wear out of them. These are a great gift idea, and are available in packs of 3 or as singles too.

Onesie Bummsie Hot Tip: When things get messy, leave your extender in place and undress baby by rolling the onesie down from the envelope neck.

What our customers are saying: 

“I was given a pack of Onesie Bummsie extenders by my friend and I’m really impressed. It’s now super easy to do the onesies up!”

For your rapidly growing baby these great onesie extenders are just perfect!